“The TASC Veteran’s Allotment site at Rosehill Allotments has had a fantastic transformation and was officially opened on the 8th October 2021 by Councillor Janet Cooper, The Civic Mayor of Tameside.

It is designed to give mobility access and horticultural therapy to veterans, serving personnel and their families and can be used to help to reduce isolation, PTSD,  facilitate occupational therapy and rehabilitation, or simply be a place to relax and enjoy the peace and quiet of a tranquil setting. We also have plans to use the site for GP’s in Tameside to complete social referrals and be open to the wider community on a booking system.

Though a lot of fruit and vegetables are the main plants in the allotment currently, the site is not primarily about food production. The food harvested goes to the Veterans Food Co and is used to prepare meals for the homeless at the Town House in Ashton. Flowers add colour and also pest control to the garden, hanging baskets produce good strawberries and can be casually browsed during the summer.

We have a large summer house which can be used as an office and place to hold meetings. A disabled toilet is on site with on-site water for watering plants and washing hands. The summer house has a kitchen and some camping gas to make a hot drink.

The allotment is also the ‘Spoke’ site to Curzon Ashton’s ‘Hub’ site at DB Garden Nurseries in Hyde, part of the Defence Gardens Scheme (DGS) Hub and Spoke garden model – more details on this can be found here: https://www.defencegardens.org/north-west

For next year we have plans to further improve the allotment site with the installation of a water feature and wood fired pizza oven.

If you’d like to be involved or visit the allotment, please contact Dan on 07769 055264 and or email to allotment@tamesideasc.org.uk.

(Please see map above for the location of allotment – please use post code M34 3ZA – The entrance to the main allotment site is between the houses, opposite Galloway Flooring on Rosehill, through the green gates. You can park inside the green gates on right by Denton Carriers and the entrance to the TASC allotment is on your right hand side.)”