Mr Jack Millin – Honorary President

Mr Jack Millin
On his appointment to Honorary President,
Tameside Armed Services Community

It is with great pleasure that the members of Tameside Armed Services Community (TASC) award this title and role to;

Mr Jack Millin

This is in recognition of outstanding efforts, commitment and support to the ex-services community.

The role he has performed as Chair has been with dignity and purpose through the early years of TASC and his sense of honour is a shining light to those who would be inspired by this.

TASC exists to be a voice and representative organisation for those in the community who have served in the Armed Services of this country. That includes the promotion and quality of the activities carried out by those involved in the delivery of the Armed Forces Covenant.

This includes the encouragement of young people to understand the nature and role of the Armed Services and appreciate the underlying commitment we have as a country to them. Therefore the members particularly thank you for your leadership and effectiveness in presenting the experience of the serviceman and woman through the example of your own experiences. The popularity of the “Veterans in Schools” was inspired by your enthusiasm and now hundreds of local young people have that memory and understanding through your visits to their schools.

On behalf of the ex-services community in Tameside we therefore thank you for your service and are pleased to confer upon you this position.