Stalybridge Detachment

Stalybridge Detachment is part of No 2 Kohima Company which has Army cadet units throughout the Tameside and Oldham Borough. We belong to the larger unit of Greater Manchester Army Cadet Force.

The cadets take part in many challenging activities including skill at arms, first aid, fieldcraft and the Duke of Edinburgh award scheme. They parade on a Tuesday and Thursday night from 7:30pm to 9:30pm inside a hut on Luzley Road, Stalybridge SK15 1AD.

The detachment has been a beacon within the Stalybridge community since the 1950’s with many of the cadets going on to serve in the British Army including Kingsman Sean Dawson who sadly lost his life in 2010 whilst on operations in Afghanistan with the 2nd Battalion Duke of Lancaster Regiment. In memory of Kingsman Dawson the cadets came up with an idea to have a memorial in his honour within the grounds of the detachment.

The staff assisted the cadets with this project and throughout 2014/15 cadets from the detachment spent many weekends fund raising via different activities including bag packing in local super markets and approaching local businesses for donations. They also spent time landscaping the grounds within the detachment to prepare for memorial.

On Remembrance day in 2015 the memorial was unveiled to Kingsman Dawson’s family in a service held at the detachment attended by members from the Royal British Legion, local councillors, MP’s and various other dignitaries including ex cadet Private Ashley Hope who is currently serving with the Mercian Regiment.

Other achievements in 2015 include many of the cadets taking part in both Regional and National sporting events with some picking up gold medals in cross country and a trip in both a Sea king and Merlin helicopter around the British coast.

For more information on the army cadets please visit the website www.manchesterarmycadets.com

"On the battlefield, the military pledges to leave no soldier behind. As a nation, let it be our pledge that when they return home, we leave no veteran behind." - Dan Lipinski

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TASC has been created to serve the sixteen thousand veterans currently residing in the Tameside borough. Please feel free to register your details and we will add you to our extensive mailing list.

Community Covenants complement, at a local level, the armed forces covenant, which outlines the moral obligation between the nation, the government and the armed forces.